What’s New in PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition

Changes in PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition:

PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition
PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition

Let us know first why is the PMBOK® Guide changing?

  • Project Management has evolved significantly since we published the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition in 2013.
  • Part 2 of the PMBOK® Guide is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and must be updated every four to five years.
  •  PMI continually learns more about what drives successful project outcomes through our research… and we want to share those drivers with the project management community.

What does it takes ?
• PMP® training x 35 contact hours
• Projects experience x 3 years
• + Good Study

What’s New in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition?

The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition includes information on how to implement its approaches in agile environments — a first for PMI.

Change in PMBOK 6th Edition
Whats New in PMBOK 6th Edition.





Other additions include:
• Trends and emerging practices
• Tailoring considerations
• A greater emphasis on Strategic and Business Knowledge
• A new section on the role of the project manager

General Principles
• Knowledge Areas x 10
• Process Groups x 5, Processes x 49

• The Role of Project Manager

Change in General Principle
PMI Talent Triangle


  • PMI Talent Triangle
    • Emphasis on Agile + Agile Practice Guide
    • Key Concepts
    • Trends & Emerging Practices
    • Tailoring Considerations
    • Consideration for Agile / Agile Adaptive Environment

• “Time Management” “Schedule Management”
• “Project Human Resources Management” “Project Resources Management”
• “Project Scope Management” “Relationship PM – BA” (Concept)
• “Project Communications Management” “Project Communications” – “Project Communications Mng” (Concept)

• Project Risk Management:

Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management

* “Address project overall risk, not only event driven risk” (Concept) + Add a new Risk Response, “Escalation” (Concept)
• Project Procurement Management: (Makeover)
* To present the international practices, not only NA. (Concept)
• Project Stakeholders Management: (Shift)
* Focus more on Stakeholders Engagement. (Concept shift)

• Project Integration Management: + “Manage Project Knowledge” (New Process)
• Project Risk Management: + “Implement Risk Responses” (New Process)
• Project Resources Management: + “Control Project Resources” (New Process)

Resister for your free mock test
Resister for your free mock test

• Project Procurement Management – “Close Procurements” (Deleted Process)
• From Project Time Management To Project Resources Management “Estimate Activity Resources” (Moved Process)

49 Process Chart 6th Edition v 1.0(2)

• Project Quality Management:
* “Perform QA” – “Manage Quality” (Renamed Process)
• Project Resources Management:
* “Plan Human Resources Management” – “Plan Resources
Management” (Renamed Process)
* “Acquire Project Team” – “Acquire Resources” (Renamed Process)
* “Develop Project Team” – “Develop Team” (Renamed Process)
* “Manage Project Powered by Team” – “Manage Team” (Renamed Process)

• Project Communications Management:
* “Control Communications” – “Monitor Communications”
(Renamed Process)
• Project Stakeholders Management:
* “Plan Stakeholders Management” – “Plan Stakeholders Engagement”
(Renamed Process)
* “Control Stakeholders Engagement” – “Monitor Stakeholders
(Renamed Process)

Looking inside the book
PMBOK 5th Edition
• Part-I PMBOK® Guide (412)

Free PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition Mock Test

• Part-II Appendix (157)
• Total pages: 569 pages

Looking inside the book
PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition
• Part-I PMBOK® Guide (575)
• Part-II Standard + Part-III (218)
• Agile (183)
• Total pages: 793 pages
Net pages around 639

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