“TIPS” and “TRICKS” to PASS “PMP Exam”

The target audiences of this post are the common PMP aspirants who are hard working and average intelligent like me! I am sure you deeply desire to be Project Management Professionals (PMP) that’s why you are taking the effort to read this article, but ARE YOU READY for PMP EXAM?

You must keep in mind few things about the PMP exam:

Firstly, this is not a test of the information in the PMBOK® Guide!

Secondly, you cannot rely on only real-world experience.

Thirdly, training in professional project management based on the PMBOK® Guide is significant and you should do it from a good instructor!

As the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam continues to evolve, the way you study for it has to change as well. The exam is a lot harder these days. It covers much more material for and it contains many situational questions where you much assess the project situation. Then you must decide the best course of action. What makes these questions hard is that often all 4 answer choices are partially correct. You need to pick the best answer. The questions have become much more sophisticated. Questions can include distracting information that is not required to answer the question. The exam is also a moving target with 5% of the questions new each month.

Below is the possible tricks that will help you shape up your exam:

PMBOK guide is the holy book! Read it 5 Times to crack the hard codes!

Study Rita’s PMP exam prep 8th Edition (2 times). Head First PMP, 3rd Edition would be good reference book to understand the concepts in very simple language.

Practice makes the PMP Aspirants Perfect! Please do practice about 3000 (+/-) questions (Rita Fast Track 1500, Exam Central 1000, PMStudy, SimpliLearn etc). I really liked Exam Central 1000 questions and it’s free of cost! You can start practicing with Exam central since it helps grab the basics.

Spend 30 minutes everyday at pmzilla.com! It will help you align with the exam dynamics!

Rule of 85 % (Percent): Keep practicing mock exams until you consistently scores at least 85% in 4 hours mock exam. This indicates you are ready to roar in the real exam.

Understand “ITTO TRICK Sheet of 47 Processes”. This TRICK sheet will really help you mapping all the processes inputs, outputs, tools and techniques. Download Link: write at abdulla@abdullapmp.com
Utilizing 15 Minutes before the exam:

Read/Memorize the Formula Trick Sheet. Print and paste on your desk and practice everyday until you write the chart in a white paper within 8 minutes because writing this before the 4 hours exam will help you track the questions and save significant time. Download Link: or write at abdulla@abdullapmp.com

Read/Memorize PMBOK 5th Edition 47 Process Chart. Print and paste on your desk and practice everyday until you write the chart within 7 minutes.Download Link: or write at abdulla@abdullapmp.com

You should really take the exam as a “Project” and plan for 300 Hours of study. “Planned study” is the key to pass the exam and there is no shortcut!

Please feel free to contact me for notes and TRICK sheets to pass PMP Exam! Write me email at abdulla@abdullapmp.com

Abdulla Al Mamun, CSM, PMP
PMO Specialist, PMP Trainer & Scrum Coach
abdulla@abdullapmp.com | www.abdullapmp.com

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Babatunde Olajide

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