Success Story of Paulo Roque, PMP using PMaspire PMP® Exam Simulator

1. When did you decide to get PMP® certification? (e.g. your work description and motivation for becoming PMP ) *

When I ask myself what motivation had a senior civil engineer like me, with over than 25 years of experience in the heavy civil infrastructure industry, to decide last year to get a PMP certification, the answer that comes immediately to my mind points for the need that I felt to be better prepared to continually give a positive contribution for a society in permanent change.

Actually I realized that no one now a days can be an agent of change by his own, so I found that interacting in the most varied ways with a global community of project managers with different backgrounds and from diverse cultures, it would add a huge value to continually build a real global triangle of talent, opening a rich potential to collectively improve the overall technical knowledge, leadership, strategic awareness and business agility in the project management environment.2.What was your overall strategy? (Your daily or weekly plan to take the preparation)

2. What was your overall strategy? (Your daily or weekly plan to take the preparation) *

The decision I made to register in an intensive training course issued by a local PMI registered education provider, that allowed me to ensure all the PDUs required for the exam application in the PMI, proved to be a factor of success to pass the PMP exam in my first try.

I set up my own War Room at home, from where I remotely participated in my PMP course sessions in a live training mode, and than I imposed on myself a long and disciplined self-study process based on careful reading of the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and  the application of multiple kinds of graphic and visual techniques to allow me to dissect the fundamentals for more easily memorize 49 groups of processes in the 10 areas of knowledge, which took me around three months of sacrifice, but was very effective.

3. Which PMP® Simulator you have used and how did it help you? (Which feature help you to take your preparation) *

I’ve used the on line PMP exam simulator from PMaspire and I decided to adopt from the very beginning the tactic of just answering the difficult question sets mode, limiting to 1 min 10 sec the time to answer to each question, by the end paying attention to the detailed explanations automatically generated by the simulator for the given wrong answers, and keep practicing this way until consistently score at least 80% of correct answers.

4. What are the Challenges and hurdles you have faced during your PMP® journey? *

Preparing me for the PMP certification exam was really a very demanding and time consuming undertaking, but despite all the challenges I faced, the biggest hurdle for my conscience was the time taken away that should have been spent with my family, who after all never ceased to support me.

5.How was your PMP® Certification Exam Day? (Location, Date, Day Time, your first experience about PMP exam Interface, did you take any break, mark or unmark question etc.) *

My PMP exam was scheduled for July 31, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. at the Prometric Exam Centre located on the 1st Floor of the Prisma, LEAP Centre – Amoreiras Mall at D. Joao V Avenue nr.24 in Lisbon, Portugal.

I remember to arrive at the Prometric Exam Centre around 30 minutes before the scheduled time and being invited to sit down in the waiting room along with other five candidates who had already arrived.

When the time of the PMP examination at 2:30 p.m. has arrived, after the formalization of the standard procedures, I have been brought into the examination room, I set down in front of a computer screen, I quickly went through the tutorial and immediately stared the exam, having spent around 3h40min to answer the 200 questions, without taking any brief rest in the mean time.

After completing the review of about 10 marked questions, I decided to submit my answers thus ending my PMP examination.

Finally, I felt a pleasant sense of accomplishment when I was greeted with a congratulation message confirming that I had passed de exam.

6. How much actual effort you have put to pass PMP®? *

Investing an average of 4 hours a day, 6 days each week over 3 months, studying the PMBOK 6th Edition Guide, taking time to absorb and consolidate the concepts, and practicing a substantial number of PMP simulated exams, were strategic for passing the PMP exam in my first attempt.

7. How are you improving your community? (e.g. your knowledge sharing to any person like colleague , lecture or involving your PMP chapter ) *

I have registered with the PMI Portugal Chapter and have become an active member of the community, having started to connect myself with a vast network of fellow project managers worldwide, having already participated in some events on line, live webinars, having given a contribution for several topics of discussions on line and published my first project management experience in a recent Heavy Civil Infrastructure Project.

8. Any other experience you want to Share *

In order to reinforce my commitment to be better prepared to give my contribution to deliver value and create a sustainable PMI Portugal Chapter, I have recently registered to attend the PMI 2019 Chapter Leader Orientation event, an online introduction to chapter leadership skills both general and specific to chapter roles, which will be presented by the middle of February 2019. 

Paulo Roque, PMP

Certified Civil Engineer®-23128634

PMaspire thank you so much.
Brilliant way among all.

Excellent.. . thanks a lot to PMaspire. I have failed two times and I succeeded in the final attempt. This is the best Simulator

I am pleased to share my experience using the PMAspire resource. I accidentally stumbled on PMAspire, and took to it. The free trial opened up a lot of my weaknesses and I had to subscribe since I was preparing for my PMP Exam. The resource proved highly highly invaluable. It's to me a one-stop online shop. This is my experience. I painstakingly tested myself using the Knowledeg area questions and those of the Processes. It exposed my gaps, which I had to work on seriously. There were times of discouragement but I was undaunted as per my knowledge gaps and Gbam! I MADE IT. I GOT MY PMP! I will always reference and recommend PMAspire to anyone who wishes to sit for the PMP certification exam. I am right away recommending this to my colleagues in my office.
Thank you PMAspire for such a resource you offer for the exam preparation, it is very useful. It is a one-stop shop. The questions I encountered in my preparation using PMAspire resource helped shape my mind and helped me in the real exam. No regrets at all. I recommend PMAspire to potential candidates. Kudos and keep up the good job

Babatunde Olajide

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