PMP® Exam – Big Changes are Coming in PMBOK®GUIDE 6th Version in 2017

PMP® Exam – Big Changes are Coming in PMBOK®GUIDE 6th Version in 2017

Guide 6th Edition



PMBOK®GUIDE 6th Version will be launched on 3rd Quarter in 2017 (Tentative August). This is important to know the additions to the PMBOK® are going to be pretty significant. Big changes are coming in the new version than ever before.



Summary of the changes are as below:


  1. Number of processes seems to be increased from 47 to 50!
  2. Two Knowledge Areas (KA) Will be Renamed
    • Project TimeManagement will be Project Schedule Management
    • Project Human ResourceManagement will be Project Resource Management
  3. Three New Processes Will be Added
    • Manage Project Knowledge is part of the Executing Process Group and Project Integration Management knowledge area.
    • Implement Risk Responses is part of the Executing Process Group and Project Risk Management knowledge area.
    • Control Resources is part of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group and Project Resource Management knowledge area.
  4. Six Processes Will be Renamed
    • Perform Quality Assurance will be Manage Quality
    • Plan Human Resource Management will be Plan Resource Management
    • Control Communications will be Monitor Communication
    • Control Risk will be Monitor Risk
    • Plan Stakeholder Management will be Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    • Control Stakeholder Engagement will be Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Agile and Iterative Practices will be included in Knowledge Areas: Detailed Information About Agile and Iterative Practices Will be Included and Incorporated into Every Knowledge Area


Why You Should Try Getting PMP® Certified by 2017?


If you have mentally planned to go for PMP® then start acting NOW. Time, Tide and Opportunities Never wait for any one. Below are the possible reason why you get the PMP®  certification in 2017.:


  • PMBOK®GUIDE 5th Version Study Resources and Materials are Available: The current edition of the PMBOK® Guide and the exam are very familiar and Aspirants can find lots of lessons learned and study resources/materials readily at their hands Still there is enough time to study and prepare based on the current exam version.


  • New Version Exam will be Much Harder: Historically every new version of New PMBOK exam gets harder than before. Students needs to cover new study area and discover new patterns of questions during the exams.


  • Online Study Courses and Exam Prep Reference books May not be Updated: It takes at least two quarter to come up with a matured study materials to support the need of the PMP® aspirants after releasing a new PMBOK So if you missed 2017, you may have to wait at least 3 -6 months to be ready for the exam.


  • Cost of Study Materials will go up: The exam prep courses may be more expensive (Our exam simulation cost tentatively may go up by 25% with the release of new version based on new PMBOK).


  • Career Development: Sooner you get PMP® certified, faster your local and global job opportunity increases. In addition, you become a great problem solver and you can add significant value to your organization development. Delay in certification may cause you lose significant market opportunities.


In Short, I would like to repeat “Time, Tide and Opportunities Never wait for anyone, get your dream PMP certificate in time in your style”



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