Organizational Alignment

I do not advocate for the project office to have a seat at the executive table nor spending time developing organizational level vision and strategies.

I advocate organizational alignment of project management resources for the implementation of strategic and tactical goals. The project office should continue to drive value in the delivery of distinct pieces of work and providing clarity to activities at a portfolio level. It should not get lost in the many high-level “what ifs” associated with running a business. I believe the office should be seen as the implementers, the doers, and a tool that senior managers can use to drive ideas through production. As an invaluable implementation tool to aligned business leaders the project office and project managers can best serve the business and maintain job relevance.

If the project manager or the project office finds itself in a situation where it provides services across multiple business areas it then becomes extremely important to maintain continual contact with the business area leaders. At both the project manager and project office level communication become essential. Senior leaders within the project office chain of command also serve a role building the relationship necessary for the business area leaders to feel they control the projects within their portfolio. I can’t emphasize this enough, the business leaders must know that they have control over the project management resources implementing their budget. Again, the project office must be seen as a tool that can successfully complete projects for the business area and provide clarity throughout implementation.


 by Robert Gordon Seiler

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