Earn 2x Revenue from Your PMP Training Business

Earn 2x Revenue from Your PMP Training Business !

“I have been a partner of PMapsire and I made $20 k additional revenue from my training business and success rate of my student went up by 150%…Javier González, CEO, Kinectara !”


Generate 2x Revenue


Preparing for PMP exam does not limit only to attending a training session. PMP aspirants use various tools to prepare for this exclusive exam. These tools include guide books to exam simulation software, flashcards etc. Training companies or PMI REP’s are only capitalizing through their training courses. They are missing the chance to gain additional revenue from these other products. By offering additional solutions along with training courses will also increase the value of their training course as well.


But the question remains, how a training business can offer these solutions? Developing a new product is costly. For a training company getting the return from this investment will be time consuming. Then again it does not limit only to develop a solution; the company will need to recruit a whole new team to maintain the software/product, to market it. Increasing cost and management issue as well. Rather a readymade product with market value is much easier to handle.


PMaspire offers such a solution to PMP training providers. PMaspire’s partner program gives the opportunity to grab a share of this market to the training companies. Training companies does not need any investment or extra manpower, does reducing their risk and responsibility. But they get to offer proven products along with their training. Trainers get the opportunity to earn some revenue and increase the value of their PMP preparation course at the same time. PMaspire’s partner program is designed to accommodate training companies/REP’s or independent trainer of any size. Moreover PMaspire’s partner program does not have any signup cost, it also does not seek any commitment from the training company, reducing utilization of their resource.


To know more about PMaspire’s partner program and how to join there, visit here. Alternatively email Mark McGwire at mark@pmaspire.com

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