CAPM® Certifiation – Global Career in Project Management


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CAPM® Certifiation – Global Career in Project Management


Global Career in Project Management


Workshop Overview:

Everyone practices project management to some degree: Farmers plan what, when, and how they’re going to plant; how they’re going to take care of their crops as they grow; and how and when they’re going to harvest those crops. Parents plan what they’re going to prepare for their children for dinner. (If they have strong project management skills, of course, they delegate things like setting and clearing the table to the kids.) And so on.


In business, project management is an art, a skill, and a demanding full-time job. Project managers (PMs) are key employees in such industries as construction, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and real estate development, but many opportunities for PMs exist outside these areas. In high tech, biotech, or pharmaceuticals, for example, project managers are responsible for launching new products, developing new technologies, and managing alliance programs with strategic partners.


Project Managers are in Demand worldwide ! According to the PMI Survey, there will be 15.7 Million Project Management Job will be created by 2020 ! Are we producing enough Project Managers to meet this demand?


Whether you are new to the field or are actively working on projects, a CAPM credential offers you lasting benefits. This course prepares participants for the CAPM Examination offered through the Project Management Institute. Those who have successfully demonstrated their mastery of the basic concepts of project management can earn the CAPM designation.

Workshop Outline:


  1. Career in Project Management – Global Opportunities’
  2. Basics of Project Management
  3. Overview on “CAPM”
  4. Demand of CAPM – Local & Global Opportunities
  5. Eligibility Criteria
  6. Success Stories
  7. Placement opportunities
  8. Question & Answer

CAPM Certification Can Help Your Career

Earning your CAPM Certification will demonstrate your mastery of project management concepts and methodologies. By validating your ability to successfully handle project-critical responsibilities, the certification also can open doors to new career opportunities.

With a CAPM Certification, you also will gain opportunities to do the following:


Explore opportunities worldwide.

The CAPM credential is a globally recognized certification, which means that you have the opportunity to demonstrate your project management skills to domestic and international employers.


Potentially increase your salary.

Certification can help you qualify for higher-paying jobs. In fact, many employers are more likely to hire candidates who are Certified Associates in Project Management over those who have not demonstrated a willingness to further their project management education.


No Experience Necessary

Don’t worry if you aren’t already a project manager or are new to project participation. If you take 23 hours project management training then no project experience is needed ! Check the below options to meet CAPM eligibility criteria:

Category 1: minimum of high school diploma and at least 1500 hours of project management experience. Or

Category 2: minimum of high school diploma and accumulated at least 23 contract hours of project management education (23 PDUs)

CAPM Certification: a Valuable Credential

CAPM Certification is a valuable credential that provides proof to current and future employers that you have a firm grasp of the knowledge, procedures, terminology and best practices that drive effective project management. The certification is achieved through the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is considered not only an entry-level certification for individuals interested in starting a career within the field of project management, but also a valuable asset for those who would like to manage larger projects or gain skills for their current roles. It is important to note that CAPM Certification is based on PMI’s project management framework, as outlined within the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide.

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