Animated PMP® Certification Video Learning Series !!

PMaspire, for the first time in Project Management Learning Industry, has launched the complete Animated Video Learning Series. The Animated Video Learning Series, consists of more than 300 Video, is aimed to ease the PMP® EXAM Preparation. Aspirants, moreover, will get the 35 PDU/Contact Hours Certificate following completion the training!

Research Suggests when people are having fun, they tend to learn better. It’s even scientifically proven that retention of information is higher when it is communicated using both visual and verbal communication. Animated Video Series as a training medium offers exciting possibilities for meeting the needs of 21st century Project Management learners. The use of animation at this online training instead of someone’s speech will enhance your understanding significantly as it is designed by some of the best PMP® trainer following research of months.

Animated Videos are intended to support learners’ cognitive processes that ultimately result in them understanding the subject matter. Also, as an effective learning tool it attracts attention, engages the learner, and sustains motivation aspect!

Benefits of Animated Video Learning Series:

Ø  Easy to go through

Ø  Creative way of Learning

Ø  Getting rid of traditional resources

Ø  Conveys complex information in a Simplistic Way

Ø  Learn through a project from Initiation to Closure with Animation

Ø  Enables learner to apply Imagination & Rational Thinking

Ø  Real life case study demonstration, bridging theory with practice

Ø  Enables learner to invent and explore multiple solutions to a problem

Ø  Easy to understand and memories using animation learning techniques

Ø  Understanding the value of reflection and critical judgment in creative work

Ø  Encourages self-motivation to create and problem solve

Ø  Emphasizes Soft Skill Development

Ø  Animated PMP® Exam Understanding

To explore the beauty of Animated Video Learning in Project Management, visit:

PMaspire thank you so much.
Brilliant way among all.

Excellent.. . thanks a lot to PMaspire. I have failed two times and I succeeded in the final attempt. This is the best Simulator

I am pleased to share my experience using the PMAspire resource. I accidentally stumbled on PMAspire, and took to it. The free trial opened up a lot of my weaknesses and I had to subscribe since I was preparing for my PMP Exam. The resource proved highly highly invaluable. It's to me a one-stop online shop. This is my experience. I painstakingly tested myself using the Knowledeg area questions and those of the Processes. It exposed my gaps, which I had to work on seriously. There were times of discouragement but I was undaunted as per my knowledge gaps and Gbam! I MADE IT. I GOT MY PMP! I will always reference and recommend PMAspire to anyone who wishes to sit for the PMP certification exam. I am right away recommending this to my colleagues in my office.
Thank you PMAspire for such a resource you offer for the exam preparation, it is very useful. It is a one-stop shop. The questions I encountered in my preparation using PMAspire resource helped shape my mind and helped me in the real exam. No regrets at all. I recommend PMAspire to potential candidates. Kudos and keep up the good job

Babatunde Olajide

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