6 Questions To Ask Your Project Sponsor Before You Start Your Project


It is important when starting a project as with building a house that you start from a solid foundation. One way to do this is to establish the vision of the project from the project sponsor before you start on the project. In this post I will outline the 6 questions to ask your project sponsor before you start your project.

6 Questions To Ask Your Project Sponsor Before You Start Your Project


Establish from your project sponsor the cause of the situation that requires a project solution. For example.

  1. Is it to fix something that is broken?
  2. Is it to create a new revenue stream?
  3. Is it to meet a particular need by building something new?


Have the project sponsor describe the risk to the organisation if the project is not done.


What is the approximate financial impact of not having the project. The idea behind asking this question is not to justify the project but just to understand the scale of the problem that the project will resolve. However it will become a great starting point for the business case.

Does not having the project affect customers? If so how are they affected?

Does not having the project affect other people who work for the organisation? If so how are they affected?

Are there people in other organization’s affected by not having the project


These last three questions help you understand the impact that the project will have on various people. You can then use these answers as the starting point for capturing project stakeholders.


By having the project sponsor answer all six questions you understand the purpose of the project. In addition some of the answers will give you a good starting point for both the business case and the stakeholder management document.

In Summary

Establish The Cause

The Risk of Not Doing The Project

Financial Impact

Are Customers Affected

Are Colleagues Affected


reference : Barry Hodge

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